Kia: An Introduction


Kia has a long history, but that history is not well known in the United States. The car manufacturer began as a bicycle manufacturer in Korea in 1944. It gradually progressed into a version of the KIA car giant we know today. In 1987 the first Kia car rolled onto U.S. soil. That car was the Kia Pride. Now, Kia has a production plant in Georgia that employs over 15,000 people.

Kia is a value-driven brand. Each car is made so that it is as dependable and hard working as the person who drives it. How does this value translate into your car buying decision? Allow me to tell you some of the ways Kia has improved car-buying options.

First and foremost, Kia offers the absolute best warranty on the market with its 10-year, 100,000 mile warranty. This has obvious benefits for buyers. Learn more about that here.

The car brand is consistently voted one of the safest on the road. From the Kia Sportage to the Cadenza, each model is built with safety in mind.

Kia has modernized car design with the Soul and Forte. At Kia, they think a bit differently. That translates into the cars they create, and allows for diversity on the road. There is a Kia for every personality.

Finally, Kia is working to reduce its environmental impact. The manufacturer has been developing ways to limit the emissions of greenhouse gasses and wastewater while producing its product. It recently put this plan into effect and has seen a decline in its environmental footprint. 

All of these reasons and more are why we at Lawton Kia are proud to sell Kia vehicles to our neighbors in Oklahoma and Texas. We understand the value in each Kia, and we hope to bring that value to you the next time you buy a vehicle. 

If you're on the look out for a new car, we have the premier selection of these great vehicles, both new and used, at our location  in Lawton, Oklahoma, and on our website. Give us a call or stop by today. 

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